Varicose Vein Socks


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Size Thigh Circumference
S 42.5-47.5cms
M 47.5-52.5cms
L 52.5-57.5cms
XL 57.5-65cms
XXL 65-67.5cms


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Product Description


  • Varicose vein socks designed by a licensed clinical manufacturer
  • Designed to provide a calculated compression for relief
  • Specially designed fabric that offers a four waystretch for relief
  • Woven with high quality spandex yarn material
  • Over lock design of weaving attributes elasticity and durability to the socks
  • Light weight product that is similar to the experience of women wearing a stocking
  • The female-oriented design makes it perfect for women. However, men suffering from varicose veins can also use this product.
  • The soft compressive pressure works in tandem with the natural movements of the leg.
  • Support tights for varicose veins gradually slow down the progression of swelling, along the heel region.
  • They are great for constant relief to aching and tired ankles, feet, and legs.
  • Available by five size specifications (S, M, L, XL, and XXL) suitable for various thigh girths
  • Breathable and washable material

How to use

  • Order the right size based on your thigh circumference. Measure just above the knee and just below the widest girth of the thigh. This never fails to provide the perfect fit, which is vital to provide adequate compressive relief..
  • For women in jobs that involve a lot of standing and walking around, these skin-hugging stockings can be worn beneath denims and trousers comfortably.
  • You should accustom yourself first at home on judging the comfort level of using these for long phases.
  • Dirt and sweat are the main reasons of discomfort because pores can become clogged. You should wash it often.

Take care

  • Consider wearing it with a slipper at home to delay soiling of the soles.
  • Wash it often, if possible, every alternate day to avoid Soiling of the varicose vein stockings for men
  • It is advisable to buy them two pairs at a time so that it is easy to wear a washed one every day.
  • Recommended washing methods are hand wash and shade drying to prevent shrinkage and tear
  • The product should be of personal use only. Another person should not try it as this would distort the form of the stockings and disrupt the relief process.
  • Keep a lookout for the symptoms of varicose veins such as visible bluish swelling, tingling, and acute pain at the feet. Use the product for precautionary relief.
  • Remember to take it off before sleep. This is also the best time to wash and dry it especially when you are using a single pair every day.


  • These are among the best compression stockings for varicose veins for providing relief and preventing further progression of the pain.
  • Does not leave skin impressions and soft yarn offers soothing feeling to the legs
  • Pregnant women are advised to wear it as the increasing pressure on the feet makes them particularly vulnerable to aching.
  • Even wearing it for an hour following a hard day of walking is good to provide relief. You can also try the simple leg exercises recommended by the physiotherapist.

Look up the products catalogue at Reborn Healthcare UK. It is available in a neutral skin tone, implying the plain benefits offered. Wear it as per personal needs by keeping a close note on your body clock. Inform a specialist for any discomfort.