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Size Thigh Circumference
S 42.5-47.5cms
M 47.5-52.5cms
L 52.5-57.5cms
XL 57.5-65cms
XXL 65-67.5cms

Product Description

Flamingo Health presents Thigh Support for people of all age groups. This product helps to reduce the stress and strain easily. It is also great in reducing the fatigue and muscle tiredness of a person in the most effective manner. This Support helps to provide compression, heat retention and support to the quadriceps & hamstrings areas. Moreover, usage of this product helps to provide comfort and relieve stress considerably.

Thigh Support helps in providing support and compression to the weak or injured thighs. It provides effective support to strained groin muscles and torn hamstrings. This product has also demonstrated to be immensely beneficial in easing out the pain and swelling in thigh and hamstring. When used properly and consistently, it promotes faster healing after injury. This product has excellent breathability and high durability.

Available in different sizes, this product provides instant compression and support to the affected area.