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Size Calf Circumference
S 25-30cms
M 30-35cms
L 35-40cms
XL 40-45cms
XXL 45-50cms
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Product Description


  • Compression stockings are manufactured by a licensed manufacturer
  • Below knee stretch
  • Woven in a power-loom with high quality spandex yarn material for extended durability
  • Available in a pair (single stocking is not good for balanced relief)
  • Has multiple therapeutic benefits, for prevention and relief to lower leg pain
  • The heel and toe portions are connected with a reciprocating knit for optimum fit and comfort
  • Available in five sizes (S, M, L, XL, and XXL)
  • The design provides progressive comfort in tandem with the natural movements of the area
  • Recommended by pharmacists, physicians, physiotherapists and podiatrists

How to use

  • Make sure that you are buying the right size for your needs
  • Wear it according to your personal comfort level
  • If needed, you can wear it all through the day but remove before sleep
  • Can be worn when you are indoors. For outdoor use, these skin hugging medical garments can be comfortably worn underneath denims and trousers as well
  • For the best benefits, wear them when your leg are in active phase, even if you are laying on a yoga mat and trying the therapeutic exercises suggested by your physiotherapist

Take care

  • Wear the socks indoors with slippers to keep the soles clean for a long time
  • Regular users should wash it daily to prevent smelliness and discomfort
  • You can use a drying talcum powder on feet if they tend to sweat a lot
  • Consider buying two pairs so that you can try a washed pair daily
  • The compression socks for women are available in a neutral skin tone and may not be visible even when you are wearing it with your usual official dress at job
  • However, these are not fashion accessories and you should not try interesting stuff such as dyeing them for colours. Such efforts can disrupt the compressive elasticity of the socks
  • The product should be of personal use only. Another person should not try it as this would distort the form of the stockings and disrupt the relief process. Such distortions ruin the unique form of the elastic fabric suitable for the shape of your leg
  • Remember to take them off while sleeping
  • Recommended washing instructions for the medical compression socks is to hand-tumble followed by drying in the shade



  • Provides progressive relief to aching lower feet, especially around the ankles
  • Many patients complain of a tingling sensation at toe ends. The unisex compression socks can be very beneficial due to the heel-toe synchronic weaving. However, the sharp discomfort at finger terminals can be symptoms of a nervous condition as well, and you may need further medical support besides physiotherapy. Consult a good neuro-specialist if the issue persists.
  • The reciprocating compression drawing from your own feet movements helps in improving the blood circulation.
  • They are great for professionals who need to walk and stand a lot in their workplaces.
  • It is good for athletes as well.
  • The warm comfort feels great in winter, but this is not the primary benefit of the product.

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