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Size Knee Circumference
S 27.5-32.5cms
M 32.5-37.5cms
L 37.5-42.5cms
XL 42.5-47.5cms
XXL 47.5-52.5cms




Product Description

Flamingo Knee Cap is a splendid product that provides excellent support and warmth to the knee. Experts recommend the use of this product as a support for weak knees, arthritic knee conditions and sports injuries involving the knees. This product is also ideal for use in post-surgical rehabilitation care. It can also be used for stiff, swollen and painful knees. This product is very comfortable to wear and has great elasticity which means it will not leave any marks or impressions on the skin.

Available in S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes, Knee Cap provides perfect compression to your patella, without causing any type of discomfort to the user.