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Product Description


  • Specially designed to provide comfort to advanced diabetic patients
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Clinically approved and recommended by physicians as an extended therapy for home comfort
  • Specially suitable for senior diabetic patients suffering from feeble bones and weak postures, a problem common among both women and men
  • The soles are equipped with elastomer grips to provide anti-skid benefits
  • Diabetic socks are available in three colour, White, Blue, and Black.
  • One size socks suitable for everyone
  • Unisex product to benefit everyone
  • Designed with durable material for use with or without shoes
  • Washable material is easy to maintain

How to use

  • The women diabetic socks are available for use of any general feet size, these socks are used by male and female diabetic patients for comfort and support.
  • Designed for prolonged use with breathable material
  • Use during daytime. Remove before sleep. This is the best time to wash and dry it if you are using a single pair of socks only.
  • Buying two pairs of socks is a great way to keep either one clean. Just wash the pair that you are not wearing daily.
  • Diabetic socks are recommended for diabetic patients with weak walking posture

Take care

  • Wash it often, if possible, on every alternate day
  • Follow washing instructions provided with socks for diabetics in UK
  • Hand wash preferred and dry in shade to avoid shrinkage
  • Use an antiseptic detergent to prevent any chance of infection from accumulated dirt on the socks. This is particularly important to remember because advanced diabetic patients also suffer from weakened immune syndrome making them particularly vulnerable to major infections from minor cuts and bruises.
  • Wear it all the time especially when you are walking on very smooth floors.
  • You can also wear it to the wet floor of the bathroom.


  • Specially designed anti-skid soles in diabetic socks provide stable support with extra grip
  • Especially beneficial for patients with feeble knees and general weakness
  • Carers are sake in the knowledge that the patient can safely wear the socks even when the carer may not be around
  • Non- diabetic patients with a weak stance can use the product with great relief of additional support.
  • Additional benefits include comfortable warmth in winter times.
  • As the diabetic socks for men are available in three different colours, there are sufficient options to pair it with trousers, denims, and half pants. Aesthetic variations like these actually have a significant role in lifting the mood of the patient, which further motivates one to seek relief.

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