Anti Embolism Stockings Above Knee


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Size Thigh Circumference
S 42.5-47.5cms
M 47.5-52.5cms
L 52.5-57.5cms
XL 57.5-65cms
XXL 65-67.5cms


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Product Description


  • Anti-embolism stockings are designed to provide a balanced therapeutic pressure to either knee length or thigh length
  • Suggested by physiotherapists and/or physicians as a treatment for varicose veins
  • Especially suitable for female patients
  • Many patients inquire what should be the length. These stretch up to mid thigh region offering relief to the entire area including feet
  • Made of high quality breathable fabric that helps the wearer to feel comfortable
  • Available in a range of sizes, Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL depending on thigh circumference measurements
  • Wide-folded sewn layer at the hem for extra durability
  • Does not have side effects

How to Use

  • You can use Anti-embolism stockings as advised by a doctor’s prescription or by professional healthcare recommendations.
  • Make sure the correct size is selected before use.
  • Comfortable skin hugging design enables it to be worn underneath denims or trousers
  • Patient often enquire how long anti-embolism stockings should be worn for. Guidelines are that stocking should be worn during the day and remove them before going to bed.
  • Wear it for as long as you want without side effects, especially when you are standing or walking for most of the time
  • Wash it often

Take care

  • Washable material
  • The anti-embolism stockings UK package comes with washing instructions
  • Hand wash recommended to maintain fabric quality for long duration
  • Use lukewarm water to kill germs
  • Sun shade drying recommended to avoid shrinkage issues
  • Regular users should wash it every alternate day
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable, it can mean blockage of air pores by dirt. A thorough wash is recommended. Take note of signs like foul smell coming from the stockings. Often, the user becomes oblivious to the smell by natural acclimatization causing discomfort to other people. Give it a good wash with an anti-septic detergent.


  • Anti-embolism stockings purpose is to provide relief to varicose veins by aiding blood circulation under regulated pressure.
  • For best benefits the stockings need to be worn during activity phases such as walking or standing. These are not fashion accessories and are of no use when used during rest phase.
  • Suggested for both prevention and treatment of varicose pain
  • Especially suitable for adult women with leg cramp complaints
  • If your job requires standing along all day, it is natural to feel pain at the legs due to constricted blood circulation. Consider wearing this product with your office dress.
  • Also recommended in the treatment of thrombophlebitis

Look up the products catalogue at Reborn Healthcare UK. You may need to take a thigh measurement first using a non-elastic tape. Measure the narrowest circumference at the point where the thigh meets the knee for the perfect fitting. Check actual product image at provider website. Go through user reviews and if necessary, talk with customer support for any queries. Track shipping order to receive delivery package.