Interview with Lee Watts,Director of LW Fitness4 All

Lee Watts,Director of LWFITNESS4ALL

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our new Interview Sectoin to share views from industry experts.

We got an opportunity to conduct our first interview with Lee Watts , Director of LW Fitness4 All, Fitness and Gym Centre located in Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom.

We have received very interesting and fruitful information from Lee Watts. Let’s check his views.


Q:: What motivated you to be fitness trainer ?

A:: I was Former Fitness Trainer within the British army


Q:: Can you tell us about the secret of your fitness

A::  I believe fitness is a way of life and needs dedication 


Q:: Do you have any fitness goals ?

A::  My fitness goals are constantly changing based on what I have achieved. Being ex military they are always challenging


Q:: How do you update your knowledge about health and fitness? 

A:: I constantly research using the internet and try new ideas with my clients at fitness facility


Q:: Which unique exercise do you suggest for everyone to stay fit ?

A:: There are no unique training exercises I can suggest. However, the key is to maintain client enthusiasm and motivation


Q:: Share one exercise you enjoy doing and one you feel lazy about.

A:: I enjoy all forms of exercise. I never feel lazy about exercise routine. The secret is to keep changing exercise routine to  keep up motivation level and enjoyment 


Q:: What is the role of wrist wrap during exercise ?

A:: Wrist wraps are excellent for deadlifting, pull-ups and chin-ups. In fact, you can use them for various pulling exercises where you may loose your grip on 


Q:: A lot of people sitting for long period in front of a computer may experience back pain. What is your advice for this people ?

A:: My advise is to use a swiss ball when sat at your desk. This will encourage their core ensuring they do not sit in a slouched position.


Q:: Can you recommend healthy diet ?

A:: For me, a healthy eating is lifestyle choice as applause to any one single diet. 

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