Heating pad for back pain – alleviating the numb, excruciating pain with ease

Back Pain in Women

Source: Spine Universe

Back pain problems are generally ignored by people at the onset and this is the most dangerous thing about back pain. It might get so severe that you may be forced to be bed ridden. Back pain initially begins as a twinge and then becomes severe with each passing day. There are innumerable factors that contribute to low back pain in your body. It is important that you locate the main cause of the back pain first so that proper remedy can be sorted. Back pains can be caused by mere strain and sprain as well as by serious injuries damaging the ligament, muscle, tendon and other parts.

Problems that might lead to lower back pain

Everyday activities when done in a wrong way can also lead to immense low back pain in your body. People involved in sedentary jobs need to sit at their desks for long stretches of time and this could prove detrimental to back and spine health. Moreover, wrong posture of sitting and standing also can lead to lower back pain in your body. It is common knowledge that exercises are good for health; but when they are not done in the right manner, they might cause problems, including back ache. By lifting heavy things in wrong posture you may develop pain, inflammation and stiffness. Apart from these, you may develop back pain owing to spinal nerve compression, degenerative disc disease, lumbar herniated disc, sacroiliac joint dysfunction etc.

Exercises for back pain

One of the best ways of reducing back pain is through exercises. You just need to invest 15-30 minutes in a day to do these exercises and these will definitely alleviate the pain considerably. The exercises help you in strengthening and supporting the back and other muscles. These exercises need to be repeated many times and as these become easier, you may increase the numbers of times of exercising.

Some of the most common exercises include stretching exercises, bridge exercise, shoulder blade squeeze, lower back flexibility exercise, pelvis tilts etc. Along with these exercises, you may try yoga on regular basis for alleviating lower back pain. Physicians also recommend maintaining the right posture for averting the problem of back pain. However, if you develop back pain for other serious issues, exercises and yoga might not be of help. In such situations, other steps have to be taken.

Using belts and heating pads for combating back pain problems

People suffering from sacroiliac joint dysfunction can use a sacroiliac belt as this provides comfortable support to the lower back area. The belt works wonders for treating various kinds of degenerative disc diseases including lumbosacral spondylolysis, osteoporotic lumbar inflammation, pain due to poor posture, post discectomy care, athletic injuries etc. This lower back belt also offers great support for your spine and is extremely useful for people who need to sit and work for long stretches of time. However, you should use the belt as per advice of a professional specialist. Along with the belt, using heating pad for back pain will be quite useful for your needs. Place the heating pad on affected areas for quick relief.