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S 70-80cms
M 80-90cms
L 90-100cms
XL 100-110cms
XXL 110-120cms
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Product Description


  • Alternative pain relief practitioners such as chiropractors and physiotherapists often recommend using Sacroiliac belt for personal therapy.
  • Specially designed for compress in the lower back region
  • Fitted with abdominal sag side traps
  • Available in five sizes(Refer to the circumference table). Reborn Belts are suitable for slender to overweight patient.
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Washable product for clean maintenance and re-use

How to use

  • The Sacroiliac belt is very easy to use as all you have to do is pick the right size (choose the right size using by the circumference table).
  • The sacroiliac belt does not have any complex fitting mechanisms.
  • Just strap over the Velcro bands to your comfort and feel the difference.
  • As it is not a heating belt, you have no extra accessories to worry about.
  • For best results, we recommend using the support under the regular supervision of a licensed physiotherapist or a pharmacist.
  • Trained customer support is always available for your assistance .

Take Care

  • It is important to remember that this belt is a therapeutic accessory and therefore Person with no back problems should avoid using it without a medical recommendation.
  • Parents should be especially careful about children using it out of curiosity.
  • The product is suitable for pregnant women suffering from chronic lower backache. However, before using it, always consult the doctor on its appropriateness.
  • Sometimes reviewers remark negatively about the benefits of the product. Many general physicians also hold the view that these contraptions can be harmful for some users. At our defense, we would earnestly advise to use it with general carefulness.
  • Often a person may think that the support will allow them to make abrupt movements or in help in a stressful activity.such a misjudgement can infact cause a deeper injury.
  • The lower back support belt would provide a compact lower back support and the user should make a conscious effort to sit straight even without a backrest. One should also take note to avoid slouching in the walking posture.
  • If the material is soiled, use a wet cotton swab to remove grime off the washable belt. This is a recommended procedure whenever you can detect a smell coming from it. It is a washable product. Use warm soapy water, but dry in natural heat.
  • Especially in moist weather, the material can accumulate germs, possibly leading to a skin infection.
  • For best maintenance, do not use it over bare skin.
  • Seek expert advice on wearing it whilst sleeping.
  • Do not use lower back support belt on pets.
  • Read package instructions carefully.


  • Recommended widely for continued home treatment in degenerative disc disease
  • Recommended for relief in a wide range of other lower backache issues such as osteoporotic lumbar inflammation, lumbosacral spondylolysis, post discectomy care, and mechanical pain in sacroiliac regions due to poor posture
  • It is useful in back pain of all types, including athletic injuries, sudden sprains, or the after effects of a fall
  • Gym user suffering from back injuries can greatly benefit by using this belt
  • Office workers with back pain complaint due to sitting long hours in front of the computer can improve their fitness levels significantly by using the lower back support belt daily. However, always consider using it only after discussing with a professional specialist.
  • It has immense preventive benefits as damaged vertebral discs can put pressure on nerve ends, even leading to neural rupture or permanent damage.
  • Senior citizens who suffer due to persistent frozen back symptoms can slowly recover their straight posture by a regular use of the sacroiliac belt.

Alternative therapy methods such as chiropractics and physiotherapy have NHS recommendations as well. We provide the best quality products, designed with precise scientific specifications for all sizes available. Several of our satisfied customers report that using the belt for some time has been able to provide the relief that even painkillers fail to match on the long-term. Please take your time to go through the details here before placing your delivery order.