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· Velcro strap-on belt

· In-built twin thermostat

· Long-lasting heating coil

· Size: 34 cm X 25 cm (13.5 X 10 inches)

Buy heating belt to get freedom from back pain.


Product Description


  • Integrated twin thermostat system
  • The heating coil is made of imported material of the highest quality. This ensures long lasting relief.
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Comfortable Velcro strap on system allows easy flexibility to relieve affected areas.
  • Manufactured at a licensed unit with the best technology in the field
  • Uses best quality soft material for contact comfort
  • The heating pad for back pain has four insulation layers on either side, ensuring complete safety to the user

How to use

  • Please choose the correct size for your comfortable use. The general product has specifications 34 cm X 25 cm (13.5 X 10 inches). Get in touch with the support staff for the other size details.
  • Follow instructions provided with the product packaging.
  • Adjust the belt in a way to provide maximum heat relief to the affected area.
  • Adjust the Velcro straps to set the heat pad for your back according to your own comfort.
  • Determine the right fitting after a few trials on providing proper targeted pain relief.
  • Sit or lay on your tummy in a comfortable position whilst using the belt. Do not lie on your back when using the Belt.
  • Be careful to control the heat as overheating can be scalding to the skin.

Take Care

  • The professional quality heat pad must be used only after consulting with a licensed practitioner such as physiotherapist, pharmacist and doctor. It is designed to provide targeted warm compress relief to painful areas.
  • However, it is advisable to not to use without expert recommendations, as in many injuries, cold compress can be the most effective mode of treatment. The choice depends on different factors such as type of injury, medical condition of the patient, and the stage of recovery.
  • Follow the safety instructions carefully.
  • Be careful about handling the electrical accessories. Do not touch it with a wet hand.
  • Do not wear it over bare skin as a sweat layer can cause a potential electric hazard. Wear it over light clothing.
  • Patients suffering from heat insensitivity should avoid using it.
  • Always disconnect the cord from the mains instead of pulling off the pad connector.
  • Wearing it over the clothes also prevents the pad significantly from spoiling or becoming smelly. To clean the outer cover, use damp cotton swabs.
  • Keep it away from children.
  • Make sure that no one else uses your heating pad for back pain.
  • Do not use it on pets.
  • Inspect it regularly to note signs of wear and tear. Keep a close note on any possible signs of discomfort such as mild electric shocks or non-uniform heating.
  • Pregnant mothers suffering from back pain should consult the doctor before using it. The heat may be harmful for the baby. The doctor may suggest a cold compress alternative.


  • It provides good relief for chronic backaches if used in accordance with given instructions and will help to speed up recovery from back pain.
  • The heat pad for back is beneficial over for kinds of severe back pain including sprains, injuries and abscesses.
  • Many overweight individuals complain of backaches. Many people believe that the sweat generated by the product also helps reduce fat at the abdominal regions. However, it is not the intended purpose of this product.
  • It is also helpful for relieving backaches usually faced by women.
  • Use the compact fitting to make a habit into restoring the correct postures while sitting or lying.

Backache is a common complaint among adults. However, it is a largely preventable condition. Unless you acquire it by injuries or sprains, typically the reason is a long time lack of attention into sitting postures. Wherever possible, patients should make a conscious effort to maintain a straight backbone most of the time.